As we have been covering handstand walking over the last few weeks I have had a lot of questions about what you could be doing on your own to continue to improve on your handstands.

So here is my simple guide to a freestanding handstand at home.


What To Strive For In Handstand

1-Stay in Control

2-Abs Tight

3-Actively Pushing into the Ground with Shoulders

4-Head Inline with Shoulders

5-Hands Flat on the Ground



We will be doing a WALL WALK

Now there are different levels of the wall walk and each depends on your skill/strength level. With that said from the waist to the shoulder all of them will look the same!


In Variation 1-3 we start in push up position and walk our hands as close to the wall as possible. The main limiter in variations 1-3 for the beginner is strength in the shoulders and core.


Variation 1

In this variation we are walking our hands as close as we can to the wall. Although not that close that is okay we are doing our best with the strength that we have. 



Variation 2

Here we have developed some more strength and can begin to walk our hands closer to the wall but may have not gotten to the point where we can get all the way to the wall.



Variation 3

Here we are in a full wall walk with our toes and nose touching the wall. 



Workout for Variations 1-3

5 Sets

Wall Walk As Close As Possible and Hold for 15-30s

Rest 1 Minute

**Once you can achieve a full wall walk and hold for 30s it is time to move on to variation 4**



In Variation 4 strength will no longer be an issue and we will begin to develop balance and coordination while in a freestanding handstand using the wall!


Variation 4

We have now moved from the wall walk and are now KICKING UP to Handstand.  Make sure hands are 3-6 inches from the wall when you go for your kick up…anything further than that will cause you to collapse and fall on your head!



Once in the position it is time to start working on our balance. Begin by slowly taking one foot off the wall and finding your balance.



Once you have found your balance begin to slowly bring the other foot to match. 




5-10 Sets

Kick Up to Handstand

Slowly bring your feet off the wall

Rest 1 Minute

**Once you are able to achieve 5 seconds off the wall move on to variation 5**



We are now moving to the freestanding handstand. Very few people ever achieve this and it takes a lot of practice, discipline, and physical ability but is definitely achievable with consistent practice.

Kick up in a controlled manner and begin to find your balance. Being able to cartwheel greatly helps when coming out of or falling out of a handstand.




5-10 Sets

Freestanding Handstand

**Once you can hold for 10 seconds you can begin to play around with handstand walking, one arm handstands, and many more variations**


This is our quick guide to practice handstands at home.  If you would like to learn more youtube has a lot of great options and also asking questions at the gym will help you progress quicker. 

One of my favorite resources for handstands is GMB Fitness. They have a ton of information on handstands and all things gymnastics!

Workout of the Day



Partner 1

25/20 Calorie Row

Partner 2

8 Ring rows

Max Double Unders