starting is hard


Have you ever decided tomorrow is the day!


Tomorrow I am going to …


Wake up early

Eat healthy

Workout 5 days per week


Only to be a 2-3 days in going back to old habits of



Riding through the fast food line

And watching the voice instead of going for a run?


I know I have been there and struggle with this same thing.


Everyday I don’t feel like


rolling out of bed at 5am to get prepped for my day

choosing fruits and veggies for my carbs instead of donuts.


The reality is forming new habits is hard.


So I wanted to share some things that I put into practice daily to help me in areas I am working to improve.


Number 1 You must have a goal, a purpose, a why, a burning desire for whatever you are trying to achieve.


Your goal allows you to narrow your focus….to focus on what is important to YOU!


Life has so many things going on it is easy to fill it up with small trivial things like social media and TV.


It is important to you to put first things first…so have goals for your family, your health, and your relationships.


Number 2 It Starts With Your Thoughts


You have heard it said


Your thoughts become your actions

Your actions become your habit

Your habit becomes your character

Your character becomes your destiny


Everything about your current situation began with a thought.


So if we plan to change your current situation to another we have to go back to what got us here in the first place…


Our thoughts.


How do we change our thoughts?


It comes back to what was said in Number 1. You have to set your goal and then get it in front of you EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. until it becomes ingrained in your mind.


Once you have that firmly ingrained in your mind…then you will begin to have thoughts that are in line with your goals and in turn those thoughts will turn into action!


Which leads us to….


Number 3 Ask For Help


You have the desire to achieve your goal and that is what gets you started…


Now what?!


Get the right people around you.


If you don’t know how to do something…Find someone who does.


If you need accountability…get an accountability partner that won’t let you make excuses.


We are all on a journey together and each of us has something to offer to another.


Interdependence is often overlooked for independence….


But the reality is we can all achieve more together….Everyone giving what they can to help each other.


That’s what it is all about!