At CrossFit we do work on the pull up bars, rings, and strength movements with barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells.

What inevitably happens is your hands build calluses, which are good, but if you let them get too big then it becomes a problem.

So here are a few steps you can take to keeping your hands from ripping or even building too big of calluses.


NUMBER 1 – Full Grip On The Bar

When you hang from the pull up bar or pick up a barbell/dumbbell/kettlebell use a full grip. Do not hang or hold from your finger tips.



Number 2 – Keep your calluses small….

Here’s how

Step 1-Buy a callus remover and a pumice stone…looks like this.  You can buy both of these on amazon

Callus Shaver

Pumice Stone

Step 2-Use your callus remover right after you shower and your skin is soft and you can shave away a layer of the callus

Step 3-After shaving down the calluses…Use the pumice stone to smoothen out the rough spots. This will keep your calluses small so your hands stay strong for the movements we do in CrossFit but stop them from ripping or your hands being too rough.

Number 3 – Hand Protection-There are a couple different options here but my favorite are

Gymnastic Grips


Anytime we have high rep, kipping gymnastic work you want to make sure you are wearing some grips.  Strict movements do not require grips as often since your hand won’t be moving on the pull up as much.

Those are your tips to keep your hands prepared for your weeks of training so you aren’t sidelined by any ripping!