Telescopic and Microscope



SIMPLE: A telescope allows you to see things far away… microscope allows you to analyze things up close.


Now what does this have to do with fitness?


All of us have set goals for the quarter or even the year… that would be telescope view of what we are trying to do.


The MICROSCOPE VIEW is what are we doing day to day to reach the goals that we have set.


Here is a short example. My goal for the quarter is to lose 24lbs… that comes out to 8lbs a month… 2lbs a week.


Now what do I need to do to lose 2lbs a week:


I know I need to eat healthy

I know I need to workout consistently (break a sweat everyday)

I know I need to get 7-8 hours of sleep



  1. Meal Prep 10 meals for my lunches and dinners on buy groceries and meal prep Sunday night…. make breakfast each morning
  2. I get off work at 5pm so I will workout each day at 6pm (30-60m workout)
  3. In bed, lights off at 10-11pm. (I leave for work at 8am…to get ready and eat breakfast I need to be up by 6am.)


Goals are great to set and it shows us where we are going…And if we take a microscope to our daily habits we can set ourselves up for success to reach our bigger, overarching goals!


Love you guys and I will see you soon!