I am the strongest and fittest I’ve ever been in my life!

I started CrossFit in January 2019. A month before CrossFit I started nutrition coaching with Coach Jonathan! I had lost about 15lbs in that month so I decided to try out CrossFit to help me be more active, lose weight faster, and gain muscle. Tasha was a member at the gym and introduced me to CrossFit Saved!

I signed up for a 3 day membership and not even a week in I changed to unlimited because I loved the environment and everything about it! My first impression of CrossFit was, “wow, there’s no way I can join CrossFit I’m not fit!” I’m sure like everyone thinks! I was definitely wrong!

I’ve learned that CrossFit is for everyone and it has changed me into the person I am today, I consider myself fit now but I never was thought that before I started CrossFit. The goals I’ve achieved since starting nutrition coaching & CrossFit, have been amazing! I’ve lost over 70lbs since I’ve joined, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure before I started as well, and that has been gone for over a year and a half now.

~ Jen

I’ve achieved some amazing results doing CrossFit

Originally what brought me to the sport of CrossFit and CrossFit Saved was I needed to change my life Not just physically but mentally as well. A childhood friend had attended the gym for years and he brought me in as I just moved back to the area, thank you Greg for that.

My first impression of the community is this is exactly where I need to be as from day one I felt welcomed by all. To this day I met my best friends at the gym (shout out to the amigos).

I’ve achieved some amazing results doing CrossFit, the most noticeable is I went from 260 pounds at 30% body fat down to 210 pounds 10% body fat

Mike M

I lost around 40 pounds and gained so much confidence!

The reason I started CrossFit was because I was trying to become a police officer. I had failed the physical test 3 times because I couldn’t jump over the wall. I was tired of being unhealthy and uncomfortable in my body. It was time for a turn around.

My first impression of CrossFit was super intimidating! I was real nervous taking my first steps into class. I had no clue how I was going to keep up with everyone else. But once I actually started, It was quit the opposite! Everyone was so welcoming which made me eager to train everyday! The results I achieved are amazing. I lost around 40 pounds and gained so much confidence!

The best part about gaining these results are the coaches that help you every step of the way!


Crossfit is one of my greatest investments!

Crossfit was recommended to me by a friend and I had no idea what it was about. I gave it a shot because I was 8 months into my weight loss journey and I was ready for a new challenge.

My first impression of Crossfit was “Wow, this is going to be challenging! I don’t know if I can take this!” But I loved the vigor from the combination of strength and cardio, so I stayed! 9 months later, and I’m still here loving every minute of it; the community, the results and just feeling good about myself. After setting goals for myself, now I’m doing things I never would’ve expected like rope-climbing, kipping pull ups and running my fastest 5k!

Crossfit is one of my greatest investments!


I am the healthiest I have ever been mentally and physically

When sports ended, I needed to have fun workout out again and CrossFit looked challenging and fun. When I started, I was more intimidated than I needed to be! CrossGit gyms are very welcoming and I was humbled quickly all while loving every minute it.

I am the healthiest I have ever been mentally and physically, but my results have been more mental. I have learned how to take care of myself with sleep and a healthy balance in my nutrition and exercising.

I thought I was more in shape than I actually was

Coach Connor put the idea in my head about a year before I joined and the only thing that drew me in initially was that CrossFit did Olympic Lifts, which I love but always felt weird doing at LA/24hr Fitness since no one else ever did them. I also liked that I could be in and out of a CrossFit session feeling like I had a great efficient workout within an hour, instead of having to wait 30 min for the 5 sets of 2 squats person at the squat rack, or the 3 teenagers who don’t know what they’re doing spread out across 5 stations.

I hadn’t watched or seen a lot of CrossFit before joining, so I didn’t know much about it, only what had been said about it in general. I didn’t know how challenging it would be but at the time I joined I thought I was more in shape than I actually was. But, over time, dumping the idea of what I used to be, helped make room for aspirations of who I want to become.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the diverse members of the gym who came from all ages and stages of life and I loved that everyone was supportive of each other’s goals and accomplishments. In every struggle there is someone to help you push on, and in every success there is someone to celebrate with.

Some highlights that come to mind are pull-ups. I went from 2-3 to 10+ strict pull-ups… 15 actually, I just checked. Stronger pull-ups also helped in my first muscle-ups. I went from my heaviest weight (233lb) in mid 2020 to 198lb in early 2021 (shout-out to coach Jenn for the nutrition coaching). Running feels a lot easier and my stamina has increased, but I’d still appreciate not having a 400m run in every round of movements. Over all, in a year and time in my life where I felt like there wasn’t a lot of forward progress, CrossFit Saved helped give me that sense of progress and achievement.


After joining CFS, I lost a lot of body fat, gained 25lbs of muscle mass

I started CrossFit because I was interested in being apart of a community that enjoys exercising, supporting and competing with one another. I enjoyed watching the CrossFit games and doing CrossFit workouts on my own and eventually decided it was time to join CrossFit Saved (CFS). 

Before doing my first ever CrossFit workout, 17.1, I thought I was relatively fit and that 17.1 would be like any another workout I’ve completed … 17.1 promptly changed my mind and I thought very highly of CrossFit and approached every workout with respect thereafter. 

Soon after joining CFS, I lost a lot of body fat, gained 25lbs of muscle mass, cardiovascular endurance, strength and body coordination. I have also gained a lot of confidence in myself and my ability to try my best everyday. I have continued to improve significantly since starting and am happy to continue putting in work with my friends and family at CFS.


The coaches here are phenomenal and encourage you to push yourself

I joined CrossFit Saved in the summer of 2018 with little to no fitness experience and zero gym confidence. I was welcomed by the gym’s community and was trained each movement step by step. At this gym, they tailor the workout to your current ability and empower you to hit goals you would have thought impossible.

The coaches here are phenomenal and encourage you to push yourself further than you would imagine. 

I started at 160lbs and with consistent exercise and coach CFS nutrition coaching, I dropped 30 pounds in time for my wedding! Truthfully, I never thought I’d ever fit in my high school jeans again, or be comfortable in a gym, but now the gym has become my happy place. 


What I like best about CFS is the coaches keep track of your previous workouts by logging your times/scores, they plan the week’s workouts and have the perfect coach to athlete ratio. Great for busy people like me, they simply make it easy, you just show up and they take care of the rest. I never would think I’d look forward going to the gym, but the coaches at CrossFit Saved make me want to come back and PR each workout. Also, the friendly atmosphere is inviting, and I’ve made some incredible friendships through the community here. Overall, whether you are looking to just get a good sweat in or challenge yourself, I recommend CrossFit Saved to anyone at ANY level of athletic ability.


Constantly varied and that I get to workout alongside friends

Before CrossFit and joining CrossFit Saved seven years ago, I was very active with bodybuilding training and coming out of a long season of soccer. CrossFit was something new that I was interested in and after one class, I was hooked.

My first impression was that it looked like a lot of fun doing multiple things throughout a single workout and during the week. My impression hasn’t changed since then. I love that it is constantly varied and that I get to workout alongside some great friends.

I have achieved many personal records throughout my time, gained a lot of muscle and stregnth, and my mental state of my mind has very much improved!

Greg L.

Couldn't be happier for the confidence CrossFit has given to me

I’ve always been an athlete my entire life. My favorite memories are all from doing the sports I loved to do. It only felt natural to me to want to “compete” everyday not only with myself but those with the same mindset as well. And that’s how I came to CrossFit. I stepped into my first class in 2019 not being able to do pull ups, snatch, power clean – pretty much all I was really good at it was rowing. Like everyone who tries something new for the first time I felt intimidated. That feeling slowly chipped away as I went to class more and more. And what kept bringing me back was not only to better myself – but to workout with a community of like-minded people. We were all there to “work” and get better.

In that timeframe of my 1st CrossFit class until now I’ve had a lot of ups and downs in my life (a divorce, moving, COVID quarantine). Through it all I always tried to lean to the CrossFit community and in the worst of times it never let me down. So much so that I’ve lost 20lbs. In 2019 I was 180 lbs and almost 30% body fat- and I thought that well it is what it is. When I committed myself to eating healthier on a consistent basis along with working out as much as my body would let me i saw the results. I’ve continued to keep the weight off because of those good habits that all the coaches and staff taught me at CrossFit. Now here in 2021 I’m a solid 158 and range around 20% body fat. To me – the results speak for themselves and I couldn’t be happier for the confidence CrossFit has given to me these past few years.


CFS encourages health, success and genuine friendship

With a background in CrossFit, I planned to scope out a few gyms before deciding where I wanted to go, but that didn’t happen. I walked into Crossfit Saved, and it was very clear that’s where I should be.

The knowledge of the coaches and their commitment to the members is unmatched. They have built a community that encourages health, success and genuine friendship. I’ve learned so much about a balanced healthy lifestyle that has resulted in me being the healthiest and leanest I’ve ever been in my life!



CrossFit Saved, I have completely transformed as a person and as an “athlete”

When I originally started CrossFit, it was actually because of Coach Jenn. I had hit the plateau i seemed to always get stuck at time after time but to see her transformation was absolutely, undeniably INCREDIBLE to see. And I thought, “well, let’s see how this goes..”

After the first workout I was like “oh no, I’ve made a horrible mistake” I thought I was fairly in shape..oh man, I was SO WRONG! I honestly thought there was no way I could get through some of these workouts. But with the guidance and patience of the coaches, I look at every WOD now with confidence (at least a little..even if the movements are hard).
Over the last year I’ve been with CrossFit Saved, I have completely transformed as a person and as an “athlete”. I can do actual push-ups, pull ups, I can lift more than I ever thought possible and I even beat the plateau I never physically thought could. (I’ve now lost a total of 80lbs!) It has been such a blessing in my life to find a group of supportive, loving people that push me both in my health and personal journey.

At first, I thought Crossfit was not for serious lifters

I came to Crossfit Saved when I was 40 years old because I signed up for Meal Prep with Claudia. At the time, I was 295 pounds and I went to the gym between 2-4 times per week, but I wasn’t really consistent. When I went, I would warm up and then lift weights. I have been lifting weights since I was fifteen so that was pretty comfortable for me. But I wasn’t really making any gains and going to the gym was boring. When I did my evaluation with Jon, I remember thinking that the workout was difficult but it was pretty short. They had lots of barbells and I had heard about Crossfit on different podcasts, so I thought I would try it out.

At first, I thought Crossfit was not for serious lifters. That lifting a barbell many times repeatedly with a run or rowing in between was not going to make you strong and I was a little worried that I would get hurt. But working with Jon, I started to realize that that wasn’t it at all. That is what happens when the coaching is bad or if I let my ego get in the way. He taught me to start out every workout as a beginner because my lungs couldn’t handle the intermediate or the advanced workouts and I remember Jon telling me to always dial it down a level. I really started to enjoy learning how to do the Olympic lifts and improving my technique. In exchange, I tolerated doing Burpees and running. Every workout was different and I learned that when I toned it down, I got a better workout and I improved faster. After more than 20 years of lifting at a fitness center, in 6 months I had finally started to actually get stronger and see my lifts get bigger.

When my old gym membership came up for renewal, I didn’t renew. I was going to Crossfit Saved three days a week and I was finally starting to see gains. I had lost 10 pounds and I was beginning to get stronger and my stamina had increased by incredible levels. I found out that I like competing in a fun and friendly way. I didn’t mind losing and I was always keeping my workouts just on the edge of too much. As I got more fit, I found out better what I could and couldn’t do. I had also made a lot of friends and people that I really enjoyed working out with. They were nice people who just wanted to get in a workout and enjoy the friendship and the camaraderie. I really enjoy cheering for them and seeing them make big gains too. It’s very cool to see people’s transformation, improvement and developing of confidence. So that’s how I knew I would keep doing Crossfit. I had been doing Meal Preps for over a year and I had lost 10 pounds, but I thought that I really needed to lose some more weight so that my workouts would get better and so that I would be healthier. So Jon suggested that I start doing nutritional counseling with him. If you look at the bottom of the Crossfit pyramid, nutrition is the base and I think that that is totally true. We started to clean up my diet and I really started to feel good all day long. When Jon and I talked, I told him that the changes I wanted to make would need to last a lifetime and so I was not in a rush. I wanted to do it right. And the weight came off and I lost fat. I hit plateaus and I broke through plateaus. There were literal months where I did not lose a pound, but the weight always stayed off. And eventually we found ways to drop more weight by making new changes to my diet and lifestyle. I figured out how to live differently.

I was about 6 months into my nutrition counseling when the pandemic hit. My work activity went down to nothing, but I was committed to not letting myself lose my gains. I wanted changes. With Jon’s help, we restructured what I ate and I started doing the Crossfit Saved at home workouts. In fact, I started doing them 6 days a week. They kept me sane because I could get moving and get my heart rate going and improve some of my strength. I started losing weight again because I stopped eating out completely. People started commenting that I looked really fit on Instagram and Facebook (or so my wife told me). When I got back to the gym, the changes stuck. I started going 5 days a week. I kept up with my nutrition and I found that fast food made me ill.

Now for the numbers. I started out at 296 pounds. I have lost 60 pounds. My body fat has dropped from 36% to less than 15%. I have lost 12 inches off of my waist. I am not sure about the change in my pant size as I have not bought a new pair of pants in a year, but I would estimate I have gone from a 46 to a 36 waist on my pants. I dropped 2 minutes off of my mile run time. I have gone from barely able to do pushups for any length of time to being able to do 5 strict pull-ups, ring dips, toes-to-bar, and kipping chest-to-bar pull-ups. I can actually bench press my body weight (up from my personal best of 165). I can actually climb a rope! Repeatedly! My doctor, acupuncturist and chiropractor all say that I am in incredible shape. I am sleeping better and I spend all day feeling incredible (if a little bit sore). My life and health have really transformed. Friends who hadn’t seen me in a year commented that they did not recognize me anymore. I look and feel younger. I am literally in the best shape of my life.

One of the things that I love about Crossfit is that it is never mastered. There is always a new challenge that can be met. I have goals for this year that would be completely ridiculous two years ago. The person who can do them is not somebody I ever thought I would be, but now I know they are available. In the next year, I am going to do ring muscle-ups. There is always a new skill to learn and new challenges to meet. And along the way I am getting in and STAYING IN incredible shape. Working out at Crossfit Saved has given me a path to aging gracefully and staying active until I am 90 or 100. And it has been a lot of fun.