Bar Muscle Up

Do you want your first bar muscle up?! Keep reading! 

The muscle-up is a movement that begins from the hang, passes through portions of a pull-up and a dip, then finishes in a supported position with arms extended.

To get a bar muscle up we need to build on the basics and create a foundation in the areas of shaping, timing, and strength. Let’s expand more on these areas!

Shaping is the kip swing that we see at the start and throughout the entirety of the movement. Maintaining an arch & hollow throughout the movement will create tension allowing you to generate power through correct positioning.

Timing applies to having body awareness throughout the movement. Knowing when to start the “pull around”  and not a “pull to” the bar in the hollow position of our kip swing. Then look for your toes, squeeze your gluten, and press those palms to the floor. 

Strength is a huge component of this movement. We need to be able to pull our bodies around the bar and finish in the support position. We would like to see athletes have at least 10-15 strict chest to bar pull ups and body weight dips before attempting the bar muscle up. 

Here’s some drills you can do 2-3 times a week to  start to build a foundation in those areas!

Tabata Kip Swings: 8 rounds 20s work 10s rest

-focus on hitting the arch hollow positions 


Min 1: 1-3 jumping bar muscle ups (use a box)

-focus on pulling around and down on the bar, finishing in a hollow position 

Min 2: 1-3 Bar Muscle Up Negatives (use a box to jump up and start in support position)

-focus on lowering SLOWLY from support position and maintaining the hollow body 


Min 1: 1-3 strict C2b pull ups

Min 2: 1-3 body weight dips 


1-3 banded bar muscle ups

-focus on shaping, timing, and firing your lats for strength


1-3 bar muscle ups