We started this month with a 4 week programing for handstands! This has been a goal for a lot of members here at CFS! Whether that be to get a first kick up, freestanding or handstand walking. Unfortunately not like other Crossfit movements this isn’t something that we normally do in an everyday life setting for instance squatting or deadlifting. But in Crossfit this is a fun/important skill to learn. 

A lot of progress has been made already just a couple weeks in! However, a lot of times athletes lack the necessary mobility for the handstand, as a result their performance is hindered. For example, wrist mobility is very important for a handstand, make sure you are stretching wrists before practicing the movements. Another key focus is hip mobility, opening up hips before handstands can help with form and performance. Most importantly the shoulders, opening up the shoulders and getting them ready to be able to hold our bodies up can be great to our performance when doing handstands. 

Important key points for the handstand to think about when doing them would be, keeping your body stacked. When you’re in the handstand position you want to make sure your entire body is lined up, core is tight, shoulders are flexed and hands are pressing actively into the ground. When you’re in this position hitting all the cues I just went over, you will be in a better position to stabilize the shoulders and be able to maintain the stacked position. 

We’re looking forward to see the progress that will be made after this 4 week program!