What is a Pull-Up?

A pull up is as important as any other upper body exercise, an essential part of athletic training, functional, and a gateway to higher level gymnastics skills.

Step 1: Hang with your arms fully locked out and extended (arms and legs should be in-line with your torso).

Step 2: Pull your shoulder blades and elbows both back and down until your chin passes over the top edge of the bar.

Step 3: Lower your body back down to the starting position.

Most, if not all of us, have a goal to get our first strict pull up. Which is an amazing goal to have because the pull up is a very important movement in the crossfit and fitness world. 

Pull ups do for our upper body as a deadlift and squat would do for our lower body. Pull ups strengthen not only our shoulders but our main upper body muscles like our lats and traps.  

Think of pull ups as a skill rather than an exercise movement. We like challenges, and we are more likely to work on them to develop the skill more often than looking at them as an exercise.

  A great place to start is to work on them 2-3 times a week with different variations and progressions to increase your strength and work capacity for the pull up. 

Here is a sample workout you can do 2x a week to help you build muscle to get that first pull up!

EMOM 10: 1-3 strict pull ups (use as little band as possible, use negative if need be)

Regardless of how long it takes us to get our first pull up, working towards it weekly and sometimes even daily will definitely get us there.