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  4. You
  5. Restrict

It’s a mind thing, we can’t eat certain foods or restrict ourselves from them, then all of a sudden we want them or are craving them or even feel like we need them. 

Aiming for 100% self restraint ends up being more like the “screw it” cycle. When we resist something we need or even a want, we have applied an emotional and or social attachment to it, then we push it away, but yet it gets so much of our attention and energy We and up giving up as our resistance diminishes.

If we can bridge the gap between bad fast food or processed foods and strictly healthy foods then it takes away the energy and attention from it.

 Find the healthy balance for yourself that helps you reach your goals and satisfies your why.

Eating 100% healthy is simply not possible for some of us and thats okay. But the thing is majority of people are not able to even eat 30% healthy. Whatever you tell them there will most likely be an excuse. 

It’s all about habits and goals. Like with everything in life if you want something, you have to put effort for it. Again, people find it impossible to eat even 50% of the time heathy but are able to eat 100% unhealthy, doesn’t really make sense.

So lets find a balance in our nutrition lifestyle that works best for ourselves. 

We cant always be perfect and always remember “perfection is the enemy of progress.”