You’d be surprised when you learn what the healthiest or fittest people eat on a daily basis. Of course it is very important to have high quality foods 90% of the time. But instead of following someone else’s diet plan, the healthiest and fittest people have developed a personal food list based on their likes and dislikes. 

Everyone has their own quirks when it comes to diet. They take into account not only nutrition but also individual taste and preferences and how certain foods make us feel. 

The traffic light diet is what this approach is called. 

Everyone defines their own green, yellow and red light foods based on how they work for you. 

Let’s take a look at this method. 

Green light foods: anytime, anywhere foods. These foods are foods you eat regularly. You can eat them normally and in reasonable amounts. These foods usually are high quality foods, Whole Foods and it can even be food you genuinely enjoy. Green light foods are ones you don’t have to think too much about. You just eat them and enjoy them.


Yellow light foods: sometimes/small portions and maybe foods. These foods are your occasional foods. Foods you enjoy on certain days or occasions or even at restaurants with friends. They still can be nutritious foods you incorporate in your diet sometimes. Yellow foods can be any type of foods. 


Red light foods: Foods you typically avoid, minimize or make less available to you. They are foods you choose not to eat for any reason. Like not being able to achieve your goals because of these foods, you always over eat them, or even over processed foods. Again this doesn’t mean you avoid these foods all the time. You just don’t have easy access to them like in your home, but you’ll enjoy it on a special occasion.


Not all traffic light systems are equal. 

Make your own that works best for you!