We’ve all been there! It’s a weekend night and you just finished an entire pizza and some ice cream, sometimes it’s hard to stick to the plan. Your first thought, “I just gained a ton of fat and ruined everything.”

 FALSE! So what is really happening inside your body after a day like this? 

Well, your body is trying to find places to store all of those carbs you ate, and this is typically in your muscles and liver. In order for your body to do this you need to be drinking a ton of water! 

For example, if you eat 400 grams of carbs, you’re going to have to drink 1600 grams of water!! If that sounds like a lot, well it is, that is actually 3 and a half pounds of water!

 First thing, you should do is change your mindset and view this as a carb loading day.

 Next, hit the gym and use all those carbs as energy to fuel your workout. Remember, you didn’t just gain a bunch of fat, but you did gain a good amount of water weight. 

Continue to stick to the plan, and give some time for your body to shed off that water weight and you’ll stop looking so fluffy.

 *Disclaimer* just because your body is able to counteract these “carb-loading days” does not mean you should be doing this all the time. Eventually it will turn into fat.

 Consistency is key, and consistently sticking to your meal plan will help you see better results and faster.