Hey all you fit beats!


I know a lot of you (especially the women) talk about wanting to keep the hands looking nice… Well here are some techniques to help maintain and protect your hands from being too beat up and even from ripping… ENJOY!


Hand Treatment by CrossFit Invictus


Here are the CLIFFS


Step 1
Moisturize daily.


Step 2
Shave your calluses once a week.


Step 3
Pedi Egg time.



On to Today’s Programming!  Thursday is a mental toughness day… but not like the ones we have had in the past.  This workout has very short burst with a lot of effort.


The goal for this day is to give it all you can during the 90 seconds of work and really focus on lowering the heart rate/breathing during your rest times.


Each round is an ALL OUT EFFORT!




6 Cycles


90 seconds on 3 minute rest


5 Pull Ups


8 Clusters


Max Lateral Burpee Over The Bar