Even-Clean and Jerk Technique

Odd-4-6 Chin Ups





6×400 Meter Run

-1 minute rest

-70-80% effort

-Focus on breath during runs






Open Gym Explained


What is open gym?

How do I use it?

Will it make me more awesome?






The point is we all have different goals and some goals take a little bit more time and dedication to reach. Open gym gives you that extra time to work towards those goals and advance further as an athlete.


In the group classes that you attend the main focus is on something called GPP.


GPP is short for General Physical Preparedness and all that means is it is set up to prepare you for anything. Everyone benefits from this type of training because some days you will be working on weakness, others you will be working or strengths, or something in-between.


And as an athlete you will grow at a nice steady state in all areas of fitness using GPP, from strength to endurance and even in things like coordination/balance and mobility.


For some, this is more than enough. They enjoy the journey and are just looking for general health and fitness.


Others on the other hand want to progress faster, become a better athlete, or maybe they just enjoy being a little more focused in a certain area of fitness like gymnastics or weightlifting.








This is where open gym comes in. Where the group classes don’t have a specific focus in any one area, open gym can be extremely focused in whatever area you are looking to improve.


You enjoy the Olympic lifts (snatch and clean & jerk), want to get stronger by squatting and deadlifting, use the open gym to focus on those.


You set goals to get more pull ups, come in and work on different pulling movements to get you to a pull up quicker.


These are all examples of what you can be doing here at open gym.


I encourage you to go back and look at your goals that we set the first week of July.


See if you are on the path to reaching those goals. If you are that is awesome and you are on the right track. If you think you need to put in a little more time in certain areas, use open gym to fast track your way to success!







August 22nd 10am Kipping Pull Up Clinic


August 29th 10am Food As Fuel Seminar