Lets get right into it today!

The top 3 things that matter for when you are starting a diet is….

1-Foods You Like

2-Calorie Deficit

3-Protein Intake



It seems weird to have the top priority to be Foods You Like because so often when starting a diet we think “Oh we have to eliminate all the foods that we enjoy”

The problem with that approach is it doesn’t set you up for long term success.  If you follow a diet that you hate, once the time comes to end the diet you will go right back to what you were doing before that caused you to gain the weight in the first place.  So it it much more important to build a diet plan that allows you to have the foods you like consistently so you can stay on track.  

Next up is you have to create a Calorie Deficit.  What that means is you have to control your portions in some way so that you consume less calories than you burn from exercise and daily activities.  There are many ways to achieve a calorie deficit and finding the one that fits for you is very important.

Here are some examples of different diets and how they create a calorie deficit:

Paleo-eliminates all processed food from your diet 

Keto-eliminates all carbs from your diet

Weight Watchers-gives foods a point ranking and you only get X amount of points to eat per day

Calorie Counting-daily calorie goal to stay under

Macros-daily grams of protein, carbs, and fats to stay under

This last one is Protein Intake. Protein is vital to maintaining muscle mass as we lose weight.  If in a calorie deficit but not eating enough protein typically weight loss will come from body fat but also muscle mass.  We want to avoid that at all cost.  A good goal on the amount of protein you should be eating is .8-1x your goal body weight.  

Protein also does a lot of other good things like keeping you feeling very satiated (full), burns more calories during digestion, and is the building block for pretty much everything in your body.

I hope this helps and we starting a diet keep these 3 rules in mind.

Foods You Like, Calorie Deficit, and Protein Intake!

If you need any help building a plan for yourself please reach out and we can help you set up a diet that works for you!

Coach John