10 Weeks

Down 24lbs

Down 9% Body Fat

And in the best shape of my life!

What got you started making changes?

I had been CrossFitting on and off for a few months and I knew I had to get my diet and training more consistent…

So I decided to do 75 hard!  I got very comfortable with my lifestyle again, I had lost 20 lbs the year prior but gained a lot of it back due to lack of discipline.

I’ve always been one to start something and never see it through but my wife and I wanted to do 75 hard and we didn’t want to quit half way through.

So we did 75 hard which included two 45 minute workouts a day (one of them being outside), read 10 pages of a non-fiction book, drink a gallon of water, take a progress photo, no alcohol and stick to a diet(no cheat days)!

What kept you going?

A mix of things. If my wife and I didn’t do this together there’s no way I complete 75 hard and then I had a couple other homies do it with us. They held us accountable, so community was a huge factor.

Also, my determination to do what I said I was going to do. I wanted to prove it to myself that I could complete something that I never thought I could do. 

What was your biggest struggle?

Carbs. I love carbs. All carbs. Not being able to have french fries was tough but I learned so much about being able to balance my macros by choosing the healthier options. Being able to have access to coaches that know so much about tracking food and being on a diet was a huge help in being able to maintain a good balance in my diet.

What’s kept you on track after?

When I did 75 hard I had already lost 20lbs but gained a lot of it back. I don’t ever want to have to do that again. I want to be consistent in my diet, in my workouts. I want what I did in 75 hard to become apart of who I am. What makes me, me.