How much weight have you lost & how long did it take?

I lost 38 lbs and it took me about a year to do 🙂

How did you do it?

I did nutrition with coach, and 5 days a week of CrossFit:) during some of the time I did whole 30.

What have you learned throughout the process?

I learned how to be disciplined and patient.. progress over perfection and to literally trust the process

What was your biggest struggle?

My biggest struggle was binging … after doing good for awhile I would binge and set back my goals

What changes have you seen physically during this time?

I have seen muscle growth and definition in my body , especially in my legs!

What has kept you going?

The gym it’s self has kept me going coach Jonathan has been an incredible teacher and leader , it’s a great community and a place I feel is like a second home .. plus changes in ur body are fun to see ! It’s a lifestyle