How much have you lost?

I lost about 65lbs!


What did you do?

I started nutrition coaching with Jonathan back in 2018. He put me on the hand eye method meal plan, I stuck with that for months and got the greatest results. Losing anywhere from 4-6 lbs a week. (I was very very strict) 


What have you learned throughout the process?

What I learned was stay consistent no matter how hard it gets. There is so many influences around you and if your head isn’t in the right place and you’re not strong enough to say no to things then just remove yourself from that environment. 

I also learned throughout the process was that you’ll have to sacrifice a lot, but the sacrifice is so worth it.

What was your biggest struggles?

My biggest struggle was staying consistent even on the tough days. Another struggle was trying to figure out macros when I had transitioned over to counting calories. Some days I just wanted to give up.

What changes have you seen physically during this time?

I’ve seen tremendous changes in my body. my waist has shrunk a lot and obviously my stomach has gotten a lot smaller.

Other changes are the definition I have & how strong I’ve become. 

What has kept you going?

The results have kept me going and knowing that this isn’t just a strict diet I have to live the rest of my life on, its a realistic lifestyle change. Helping others get the results that I’ve gotten or even better than me is also what keeps me going.