This is what happens when goals are backed up by a plan and then that plan is put into action, CONSISTENTLY!

Way to go Tati!

Tati is one of the staples in our 6pm class…She shows up 5-6 days a week and is ready to put in work each and every workout!  We have seen her go from not being able to do any strict pull ups to being able to bust and multiple big sets of pull ups! We’ve seen her improve in every area of her fitness simply because she shows up, works hard, and take her nutrition seriously!

~Coach John

Tati always comes in ready to workout! Always has a positive attitude during the entire class. She’s a great person to workout with always motivating and pushing me in workouts!  Her transformation has been amazing!

~Coach Jenn

Tati is a great member to workout with in the gym, she comes in everyday with a great attitude, and isn’t afraid to try new movements. She has improved immensely on her kipping pull ups and toes to bar!

~Coach Tasha