Ali has lost over 30lbs since she’s been doing CrossFit!

How long have you been doing CrossFit?

I’ve been doing CrossFit for over 5 years on and off. 

What got you started making changes?

My sister Tasha and my mom got me back on track! After years of doing CrossFit and eating like a child (chicken nuggets and Mac & cheese) lol I still was gaining weight and they didn’t hide their comments about how much weight I was gaining, so I had to get more strict with my diet. 

What kept you going?

Seeing the results of CrossFit and eating better (still had my child meals here and there) lol but being more mindful as to what I ate on a daily basis. As well as the CrossFit community and family keeps me going. 

What was your biggest struggle?

My biggest struggle was finding a meal plan that worked best for me because I wasn’t ready to give up my mac & cheese lol but I was able to balance all of that out.