233lbs to 197lbs……36lbs lost!

What got you interested in changing your nutrition?

The first time was stepping on the scale and realizing I was my heaviest weight at 233, the second was hearing coach Tasha say, “Youd be so ripped if you just dialed in nutrition”. Which I laughed off cause I like nachos.. then 2 weeks later I texted coach Jenn to start nutrition

What was your aha moment with nutrition?

My aha moment was the consistent loss of about 2 pounds a week after the initial big loss. The consistency even kept me losing weight through cheat day(s). Every other week I thought there’s no way I lost any this rime… and then I had

How did it affect your performance in the gym?

I was finally able to get pull ups, running was a lot easier (like when I hear 1 mile run I think, “oh okay just like 7-8 min of running 🤷‍♂️”), my knees stopped hurting and just overall stamina increased.

What has been the key in keeping the weight off?

Key to keeping the weight off for me has been what I learned from counting macros and being aware of fat/carb content and generally avoiding consistently eating those foods. Ex. I used to always get guacamole with my burrito bowl, but after seeing that it adds like 30g of fat to what was an otherwise pretty balanced bowl I stopped getting it, and it hasn’t really changed my chipotle experience 🤷‍♂️

Also try making taco and other sauce/marinades with nonfat Greek yogurt and make all your “weight loss” protein taste great 👍