2/20/22 -> 4/10/22

Weight 161lbs -> 139lbs

Body Fat 35% -> 20%

How’d you do it?

Truly sticking to a routine and listening to the advice on what I needed to change and making those changes. Knowing foods that would nourish my body and not giving into my horrible sweet tooth haha. Working out is fun, but if you don’t incorporate a good diet with it, you won’t end up seeing the results you’re hoping for.

What did you learn from it?

I definitely learned you can’t outwork a poor diet. I also learned how to balance macronutrients and knowing how to plan meals in advance. A big take away was knowing if I was going to be going out to eat, planning in advance what I would get to make sure it worked into my diet for the day.

Biggest struggle?

Planning! I had to work really hard on planning my meals and ensure I would stay within my numbers. On top of that, I have a huge sweet tooth so planning treat days and not just getting the new Crumbl line up the day it’s released was something I definitely had to work through, as funny as it may sound.