I seriously have no before photos…I must have been hiding. So here are my pictures via numbers

In all fairness, I have been training for sports/lifting weights on and off since I was 17 years old.  So the results may not be indicative of the typical new CrossFit member who is just starting there fitness journey.

However, when I joined CrossFit Saved last November, I hadn’t been in a gym in over a year. 

My diet…bad, lifestyle…bad, mood…bad, and stress…high!

I was very out of shape for me and I had never tried CrossFit before.

John tried to kill me on my first introductory visit…looking back, it was the simplest and easiest of workouts, but I literally almost passed out.

I began with training CrossFit 3 days per week…

Then 3 days CrossFit, plus one traditional weight lifting day at the gym…

Then 3 days CrossFit, one weight lifting day, and one mountain biking trip on the weekend…

Now, I’m pushing 4 days CrossFit, one weight lifting day, and mountain biking!

But, as I’ve learned over the years, what you eat is more important than whaat you do in the gym.  Back in my 2-‘s and early 30’s I walked around with a cooler with six pre-made meals and eating like a horse to gain weight.  It kind of ruined the whole “eating for enjoyment” thing as food became solely a source of fuel. That being said, I wouldn’t recommend the cooler or the horrible baggy gym pants that everyone wore in the 90’s, but it did train me on eating healthy, the discipline to cut out crap foods and seeing results.

Today, my basic diet is quality foods with a focus on eating 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight, while keeping calories, fats and carbs low.  I try to eliminate added sugars, although I love Breyers Mint Chip ice cream and have a small scoop a night or two per week.  Sadly, I have completely eliminated what used to be an evening cocktail or two.  Coke Zero is a favorite…even though there is no sugar, I am sure its horrible for me but ya gotta have something! Never eating anything that has more fat grams than. grams of protein-Costco meatballs, for example, are like 26g of fat with 12g of protein-No bueno!

CrossFit Training has definitely been a great change to my fitness regime. Waaaay more cardio that I have ever done.  I burn double the calories in a CrossFit workout compared to lifting at the gym.  It is a much more complete, athletic style training that hits the whole body.  And, I love the culture and people at CrossFit Saved!