How much have you lost?

I’ve lost 13lbs, 5% in body fat & over 7 inches off my body!


What did you do?

I started working at CrossFit 5 days a week. And I started with having a nutrition coach. Tracking my meals and weighting in every 2 weeks.


What have you learned throughout the process?

I’ve learned so much throughout this process a big one was nutrition!! You see I’ve always worked out, prior I had a fitness trainer for about 2 years but never lost weight, I tried it alllll the fasting, the cutting out carbs, a lot of cardio on top of my training and substituting protein shakes for meals. But none of that worked. I needed nutrition guidance. The fact that I was still able to eat rice as long as I portioned it out was mind blowing to me. I dropped weight even with a cheat meal. I learned about carbs, protein & healthy fats. Oh yeah and smoothies aren’t actually that good for you lol you can’t out work a bad diet. I learned discipline in my eating habits and my work outs that lead to discipline in my mind throughout my life & that would be the most rewarding to me.

What was your biggest struggle?

My biggest struggle would have to be trusting the process and being grateful for the small progress. Sometimes when I would weigh in I would get discouraged if I only lost 1 pound. I wanted to get crazy fast results. As well as working out at CrossFit, every workout was knew to me. At times I would get discouraged when I couldn’t perfect a snatch or a push up. I wanted to be perfect at everything right way. Trusting the process has helped me tremendously & being grateful for small progress has helped me enjoy everything in this new journey I’m on. I’ve realized Big sacrifices sometimes look like small progresses but I can’t give up, because something is better than nothing!


What changes have you seen physically during this time?

I’ve seen some major changes already. My face, my face looks thinner my thighs have lost inches as well as my arms and my stomach once looked really bloated and now is going down slowly. And this is just the beginning!

What has kept you going?

The challenge of getting to my goal weight has kept me going, knowing at the end that dang I did that, I can do anything I set my mind to.