How much have you lost & how long did it take?

223 to 203
10 weeks


What did you do?

Tracked protein and calories.
CrossFit 5x per week
10,000 steps per day

If I missed my goal of 2lbs lost in a week I dropped my calories by 10% (only had to do that once over the 10 weeks)


What have you learned throughout the process?

Cutting calories should be done in short sprints and back to maintenance calories to recover from dieting. Trying to lose weight forever is not possible and is draining mentally and physically.


What was your biggest struggles?

Probably eating it and only having boring foods. I don’t normally like to eat meat and veggies when eating out because I can just make that at home. But it wasn’t too bad for just 10 weeks.


What changes have you seen physically during this time?

My performance in the gym has gone up quite a bit besides the obvious fat loss.


What has kept you going?

Maintenance is easy. I get way more flexibility with it than i do with cutting. If I have a bad weekend I can just cut a few calories during the week and my weight goes right back to where it was.