First pic: 233
Second pic: 197

My first step started during a poker night in summer of 2020. Friends and I did a weight loss challenge and at that point I realized I was the heaviest I’d ever been at 233lb. I switched from coming 3 days a week to 5 and Coach Connor gave me a rough meal plan to follow and I had lost a good 10-12lbs from that challenge.

After that I let myself go a bit until around February of 2021 when coach Tasha said to me, “You know you’d be freaking jacked if you just did nutrition”. I laughed that off still in the mindset of working out so I can eat whatever I want.

2 weeks later I texted coach Jenn to start nutrition coaching. From March-May I went from about 225 to 197.

The hardest part was, before getting used to it, standing at my counter for what seemed like an hour just trying to figure out what I could eat to meet my macro needs. As well as not ordering exactly what I wanted at restaurants and only eating certain portions of stuff that was just really really good.

But what kept me going were the results that I think I became addicted to for a bit. All of a sudden running was easier, I could do more pull ups and other gymnastics moves, and the compliments and whatnot felt pretty good too. The confidence that came with all of this was easily one of the most rewarding bits though.