How much have you lost?

“I started at 180lbs, I am currently 145lbs”


What did you do?

“I started nutrition coaching with John, i’m actually his very first nutrition client. I”ve always counted macros because that app is the only thing that will tell me no to a donut” 


What have you learned throughout the process?

“What I learned is that consistency will get you exactly what you want. Weight loss and muscle gain doesn’t happen over night and it is a process. When I wasn’t motivated I was disciplined and did things I needed to do to get results, like extra cardio WOD’s”


What was your biggest struggles?

“My biggest struggle was sometimes finding the time to workout between coaching and being a teacher. Motivation also was hard to find sometimes, but I just kept grinding it out.”


What changes have you seen physically during this time?

“The physical changes I’ve seen are….. I’m JACKED! The definition I’ve gotten since losing body fat has been really cool to see. I have abs, my back is jacked and I’ve got some guns! LOL”


What has kept you going?

“What’s kept me going is I’m ultimately a competitor, even if it’s with myself. I want to perform at a high level and I can’t do that if my body composition looks and feels otherwise. Also, there’s nothing better than beating Jonathan Palmer in a workout”