The first part of the NUTRITIONAL pyramid is Meat, Fish, Fowl (birds, sorry Jair), Eggs. (Protein…or Brotein some may say)


All of these animals meat contain protein.


Lean proteins aid the body in many ways from building strong muscles, healthy bones, to even helping with immune function!


As CrossFitters we need protein for those exact reasons listed above…(strong muscles do not always mean big muscles WOMEN! but thats for another post)


We need to support all of our activity we do in and out of the gym…


And if we do not have strong bones and muscles to support that work load our bodies will begin to breakdown.


Each workout we push our bodies so they can become more efficient and capable…


But by doing that we break down our muscles and put stress on our central nervous system.


Now to rebuild those muscles fibers that get damaged we must consume protein that then breaks down into amino acids and repairs those muscles.


Now the question may arise… how much do I eat? or am I eating too much?


The good thing about protein is it is fairly hard to overeat it.


Our body has a way of self-regulating and when you have not eaten enough it craves it and when you have eaten enough it turns off that craving.


Also depending on your activity you can consume 15-50% of your daily calories from protein.


A good rule of thumb is to eat 1g of protein per pound of body weight.


So say you weight 150lbs you would eat 150g of proein/day.


So I leave you with this article by Mark Sission about whether you need more protein in your diet!


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