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No class on 11/27 Thursday-Thanksgiving

10am Only 11/28-29 Friday and Saturday



December 6, 11am: Skill Clinic-Kipping Pull Up 



Hey gang…


Like yesterday (and the rest of the week) today is a testing day.


Not many of you did this one the first go around so it will be your first exposure to this exact workout….


However, we have spend quite a good bit of time doing cleans and more importantly getting a stronger squat…


Both of which are going to help you here.



For Time


30 Cleans



Advanced 135/95

Intermediate 100/65

Beginner 45-75/15-45



Advice approaching this workout:


In workouts like this that are usually under 5 minutes and definitely under 10 minutes…


The goal is to have a mini plan…


If you can grip it and rip it for 30 straight reps…good on ya’.


But if you know you are going to have to break it up….


Break it up before you reach your redline.


For some maybe thats 10, others 5, even 3…


Whatever it is figure it out before you start so you can have you best go at it.


Like i said….It is going to be fast so if/when you drop the bar don’t take too long before you are back on it for another set.


See ya soon!


Post load and time in comments!