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As you all remember from class there is a party of our warm ups that will be the same.


There are 4 movements the body is capable of doing…

1. Pushing…this can be a push up, ring dip, handstand push up…basically any movement that is pushing our center of mass away from the ground.


2. Pulling-this is a ring row, pull up, barbell row, or even a muscle up.  This is going to be where we are pulling our body towards something or pulling something towards our body.


3. Open hip-this is a air squat, front squat, overhead squat, deadlift, etc…this is where we will open our hip to be at a full standing position. Picture the finish position of a squat.


4. Close hip- this can be a sit up, ghd sit up, knees to elbows, or toes to bar.  This is where we are going from a extended hip to a closed hip.


Since these are the 4 ways our body can move we want to make sure we are going through those ranges of motions each time we come in to ensure are bodies a completely warm and ready for movement.


Each one of these movements has a very basic level to a more complicated level.


Lets take a look at the pushing and all the variations we can do.


The easies of the pushing variations will be the push up.  It is a great movement and is a foundation to all other movements that we do here.  So if this is where you are at…PERFECT IT!  Because it will be the building block to all other pushing movements that you do.


After that you have the ring dip.  Slightly different than the push up and quite a bit more challenging.  Once you have perfected the push up this is a great next step to take your warm up for pushing.


And lastly for the pushing is the handstand push up.  This movement is very demanding and if you are having problems with any of the others before this it is probably safe to assume you should stay away from the handstand push up until you master the 2 before it.


So as you can see there are a few different options and different movements to strive for in the warm ups.


Work on performing each movement with virtuosity (do the common uncommonly well) so that you can use your warm up to build your fitness and skills so that you have more options when it comes workout time.


There will be a list of movements for you to choose from each time you come in.


Pick the ones that suit your fitness level and work to perform it well.


In no time you will be doing the more advanced movements and building your fitness all the more!






4×8 weighted pull ups





Teams of 2-3


10 minutes/station


Row 250m

5 tempo back squats 30X1

5 ring dips



-Each row should be an all out effort

-Squats will be with a tempo, 3 seconds down, explode up, 1 second at the top

-Ring dips are for quality over quantity



Post each sections score to comments