Weight 196.4lbs to 145lbs

Down 51.4lbs 


Body Fat Percentage 44.6% to 26.8%

Down 17.8%



I have always had an interest in CrossFit I just never knew when to start. My mental focus was on so many other things in life I just continued to push off CrossFit or working out for that matter for as long as I could. I hated going to the gym I didn’t know where to start and if I ever did go once in a while I would hop from one machine to the next, it wasn’t really my thing I just needed some guidance. So finally waking up from my personal issues and realizing that I just really needed to make a change for myself for my health, mentally and physically, but also for my kids. I finally decided it was time to make that step and already knowing a friend in CrossFit helped me a lot more to go and pursue it. That first day walking in the gym and I had already knew… WOW!! I’m finally here , I made it! I actually walked into a CrossFit gym and I’m not turning back. 


Working on nutrition with Coach Jonathan has honestly been a life changing experience for me. Not realizing that above all else nutrition comes first and yes it was a struggle definitely NOT easy but worth it. To now being able to eat all the right fats, proteins, and veggies on my plate has been a big accomplishment for me but I know it doesn’t stop here it’s a lifestyle you need to keep up because it is so easy to go back to eating all the wrong things so discipline is key! 


I would have to say my biggest struggle would have to be controlling my own life struggles. Sometimes it gets in the way of how I feel about going to the gym the next day and not going would put me down even more. But to have the team I do at CrossFit Saved they have continued to show me that their not going to give up on me, along with helping me set continuous reminders and positive goals to help push through all that. Still struggling with this sometimes but making sure I’m there every Monday to start my week off on a positive note just get up and go! 


Keeping it off and maintaining it has been a positive outcome for me actually because  I’ve been staying away from junk food snacking (still not easy) but I’ve grown to love healthy food ,feeling good about what I’m eating and putting into my body, but also keeping a consistent workout week going. When your body starts to love the process and feeling of your daily life and routine with eating, working out, and just daily life itself it makes it and even more reason for me to continue to keep it off. Now! On to the next goal.