Vegetables is our second piece we are going to touch on our road to a solid diet.


And just because it came second does not mean protein (meat, fowl, fish, eggs) is more important…I would consider these two EQUALS.


We have heard since we were kids…”Eat your vegetables, they are good for you.”


Normally that came with a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle without any kind of explanation.


So we walked around knowing that they were good for us but without understanding why.


I can remember sitting at my dads house for hours upon hours in a grudge match of stubbornness….


Telling my dad I am not going to eat my tomatoes…


And then the back and forth began…


Dad-Oh yes you are…you will be here all night if you don’t.


Me-well looks like we are going to be here all night then.


Time would pass…he would give in after seeing me pretend to try it and then spit it out on my plate (great visual I know!)


I bet many of you have similar stories…


So lets see what these vegetables actually have to offer.


Vegetables are low in calories and high in vitamins and minerals.


This gives us a lot of bang for our buck.


You are getting the nutrients your body needs to rebuild itself and to keep the immune system strong.


To compare what 4 cups of broccoli has to offer compared to a cup of rice.


4 Cups of broccoli-

120 calories

-24g of carbs

-566.9 IU of Vitamin A

-81.2mg  Vitamins C

-42mg Calcium,

-60mg Phosphorus

-286mg Potassium 


1 Cup of Brown Rice

-216 calories-45g carb

-19.5mg calcium

-162mg Phosphorus

-84mg Potassium


As you can see the calories are significantly higher, as are the carbs…


And if you have every had 4 cups of broccoli it is more difficult to eat than just 1 cup of rice.


When you have things like bread, rice, and grains in general…


You are getting a lot of calories and carbs for the amount of food you eat with very little in terms of vitamins and minerals.


I hope that is a good illustration of the benefits of vegetables vs the bottom of the USDA food pyramid which is grains, cereals, and pastas.


In this country we have had in backwards for quite some time now.


And as you begin to understand the implications that the food you eat has on your body….


It will begin to makes sense why disease has been on the rise over the last century.


We are getting away from what we were designed to eat.


And we (USA) are getting fatter and sicker because of it.


That kind of concludes it.


I know most of you wouldn’t argue that veggies are good for you…


So there is not much to say besides some illustrations.


If you are having a hard time implementing vegetables into your diet…
Here is a good article on little steps you can start to take to add more and more in.


How to eat more vegetables-Mark’s Daily Apple










Squat 3,3,3+





6 Pull-Ups

8 Air Squats

10 Hollow Rocks