In gyms all across America you will see people taking protein shakes after their workouts….

Have you ever stopped to think why this is a staple?

And if you’re not doing it…why you should start?

Here’s the why behind protein shakes.

When you place any type of resistance on your muscles you create small, microscopic tears in the muscle tissue—which is perfectly normal. The size and severity of the tear depends completely on the intensity of the exercise that you do. There is no way to avoid this (unless you don’t challenge yourself in workouts) and it is how our muscles get stronger so we can do more the next time we workout.




This is where the protein shake comes in…

Research proves that taking protein after and even before a workout is the best way to speed muscle tissue repair and gain lean muscle mass.

Whey protein is the go to protein to take after your workouts because its absorbed faster than other forms of protein. The faster your muscles absorb that protein the faster than can get on the road to recovering for your next workout!

So whether you goal is to increase muscle mass, lose weight, burn fat, or just add pure protein to your diet…Whey protein is the optimal supplement to help you meet your performance goals.


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