No class on 11/27 Thursday-Thanksgiving

10am Only 11/28-29 Friday and Saturday



Hey gang!


We only have 3 days left of our re-testing week.  


So far we have had some big improvements from 12 weeks ago….




Your hard work has really paid off.


Next cycle starts January 12th and it is going to be a really fun cycle…


We will be having 1 or 2 challenges sprinkled in there…


So be ready for those and some cash prizes!


Thanksgiving is closing in…


Do you have a plan?  Eat everything,  only have dessert, only cheat on the main meal?


Whats the plan?


Lets here what you guys and gals have planned to continue to keep on making progress in your fitness!





For Time

Run 1 Mile



Look back to 8/27 to see how fast you ran a mile during testing week.


I am sure most of you have gotten quite a bit faster so lets come to class a little early…


Warm up the calves and hamstrings a little extra and smoke our times!