2/7 11am Skill Clinic-Squat mechanics


2/14 10am Valentines Day Buddy Workout (Bring A Friend)


2/21 9-11:30am WBBC Graduation day


2/27 Friday Night Lights-CrossFit Open 15.1 (Free Class)





10 alternating pistol squats

15 handstand push ups

50 double unders





4×8 push press 70-75%

2 minute rest




-we are going to be emphasizing the importance of the metcon over the strength, so we will be performing the metcons first for a while and see how it goes.

-pistol is a one legged squats, there will be a few different subs for this…the most basic being a one legged box step up

-handstand push ups sub is push ups or pike presses

-3x single unders sub for double unders