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2 Mile Run 






POSE METHOD of Running



Tomorrow we are going to be spending some time on learning how to run correctly.  Some of you may already but it will be good practice to know how and why you run the way you do.


The point of learning this is so we can run and stay injury free while improving performance in both our conditioning and running workouts.


Dr. Romanov the creator of the Pose Method has a book you can read online if you are interested in getting an in depth picture of what this method is all about.


Here is a link to the book online:



Also here is a quick easy article put out by CrossFit on this method:



And finally a few videos that you can watch to better equip yourself for runs!


This is Brian Mackenzie of CrossFit Endurance:


















August 22nd 10am Kipping Pull Up Clinic


August 29th 10am Food As Fuel Seminar