Part 1



3 position power snatch

-Technique and positioning over weight

-Small jumps up in weight


Part 2

4×8-12 weighted push ups

-Build to a heavy weight





Amrap 10

9 power snatches

12 pull ups



Advanced -75/55lbs







Nutrition: Being Flexible


You have heard me talk about the Zone Diet and probably pretty often…


If you haven’t you can check out what that is all about here Zone Diet Explained


Eating in the zone is great…


However it is easy to get caught up in trying to be perfect.


And as we all know life is not always perfect and is coupled with speed bumps from time to time.


So I wanted to give you some practical ways that you can remain on track even when things get a bit sticky.


1. Eating out


A lot of people have a hard time with this one… but it really is quite simple. When you eat out typically the easiest thing to overeat is carbohydrates. Between bread, pasta, drinks, and desserts it is easy to overeat on carbs.


The trick is to limit your self and not indulge on everything.






So pick one: if you go with the pasta, don’t have dessert, and vise versa.


Pretty simple, right?


Enjoy your time out and don’t feel guilty about what you ate, life has too many other worries to beat yourself up over the food you had while your out with friends and loved ones.


We live in a fast past world…we have families to take care, careers, and everything else that goes on in life.


So here are 2 steps that will help you be successful if/when you are tight on time


Step 1: Meal prepping/planning.




If you haven’t started doing this in some fashion, it may be the ticket to what is holding you back when it comes to consistency in your diet plan.


Every individual may be a little bit different based on how much time they have and how far in advance they need to prepare.


Play around with different ways that may work for you.


Some prepare everything on one day and have it prepared for a whole week, others maybe a few days at a time, and some day to day.


The key is to make sure you have the foods you need stocked up in the fridge so when you are ready to prep you have it ready to go!



Step 2: Have go to, simple, and easy to make meals


We know we need meat, veggies, fruit and some fat.


Knowing that, it is easy to make some quick meals that get the job done.


For example:


3 hard-boiled eggs (protein)


Handful of carrots and an apple (carbs)


9 almonds


Or maybe


3oz beef jerky


1.5 cups of blueberries


3 macadamia nuts


Those right there are nutrient dense meals that are SOOO SIMPLE and require nearly NO TIME.


And since we know what foods we need to be eating we can even make stops at places like chipotle, flame broiler, wahoo’s, el pollo loco, grocery stores to pick up something quick that gives us exactly what you need.


Eating doesn’t have to be difficult…


And typically the more difficult the harder it is to stick to.


My advice, simplify it!


Experiment and find what works for you.


Hope that helps and I will see you soon!









Saturday, 8/29/15-Photo Shoot at 10am


Saturday, 10/17/15- Festivus Games, CrossFit Unum