Weightlifting And Strength Training Tips

Everyone has different goals and different journeys when it comes to fitness but whichever goals you have they all involve consistency, dedication & hard work. 

Weightlifting and strength training for example is one of them. If we have a goal to build and define our muscles then this is a blog post for you to read.

Consistency is key when strength training. Always set a manageable schedule that you’re able to maintain throughout your strength training process. 

Let’s also be careful with the weights you start at and the amount of days you train. A big mistake beginners make is starting out too heavy or over training which can cause injuries. 

Your body needs the right amount of rest and recovery especially if you’re already doing other activities such as crossfit classes.

Another key focus is making sure we are eating the right amount of calories while strength training, again everyone’s goals are different and everyone will require different calorie amounts. 

Last, let’s not lose sight of our progress. Achieving any fitness goals takes time. You might lift the same weight for a month before setting a new PR and that’s okay.

Remember results take time. Progress doesn happen overnight.

-Coach Jenn