Now that halloween has come and gone, you may have leftover candy at home..

So what do we do with it?

Our first response is “well it’s for the kids” But who’s really eating the Halloween candy? And maybe it might be for the kids, but ho healthy is it for the kids? Not very.

We should want our kids to be eating just as clean as us. So maybe picking a couple candies to have for the next couple days, maybe 1 or 2 pieces every other day if it fits in your diet plan or macros and only if you have the self control to keep it that way then go ahead and keep it like that.

Now the mounds of candy we still have, here’s a few things we can do with it.

1. Donate it, but no actually donate it. Don’t let it sit in the cupboard for months.

2. Take it to work or give it to friends that enjoy it.

3. Find a candy exchange near you, usually kids dentist do an exchange for cash. It may not be much but its out of your hands and kids would much rather have the cash. 

4. Throw it away!!! No self control for any of the other options? Toss the candy. Trust me it will do you a huge favor. 

We all know the famous line “if it’s there we’re most likely going to eat it.”