One of the biggest struggles people have with any diet is being hungry all the time.

There’s a couple reason for this…

One being that many times people go on crash diets that involve practically starving yourself to achieve fast weight lose.  

It almost never works and comes with some nasty rebound weight gain.

Two…proteins, fruits, and vegetables are not eaten often enough or in great enough volume to fill us up.

Protein, fruits, and vegetables are great because you can eat a lot of them while at the same time consuming very low amount of calories and getting a ton of essential nutrients.

Here’s some examples of how food volume from protein, fruits, and vegetables compare to other foods you may enjoy

Foods in the same serving size

4 cups of Broccoli (120 Calories)     Vs     4 Cups Oreos (1596 Calories)

7.6oz Steak (437 Calories)                Vs     7.6oz McDonalds Big Mac (564 Calories)

2 Cups Blueberries (154 Calories)   Vs     2 Cups Mac N Cheese (800 Calories)


711 Calories4 cups broccoli, 7.6oz steak, 2 cups blueberries 

2,960 Calories4 cups oreos, Big Mac, 2 cups of Mac n cheese

Both of these meals will definitely fill you up but….

And its a BIG BUT…

The junk food will also make you obese because the calories are astronomically high comparatively.

Another way we can look at this is as if it was equal calories as the other…

Foods with same calories

4 cups of Broccoli (120 Calories)     Vs    2 Oreos (111 Calories)

5oz Steak (288 Calories)                   Vs    1/2 McDonalds Big Mac (282 Calories)

2 Cups Blueberries (154 Calories)   Vs    2/5 Cup Mac N Cheese (160 Calories)


562 Calories-4 cups broccoli, 5oz steak, 2 cups blueberries 

553 Calories-2 oreos, 1/2 a Big Mac, 2/5 cup of Mac n Cheese

Which one is going to fill you up more for the same amount of calories?

The answer is obvious you are going to be completely satisfied for a hours with the whole foods option and be begging for more of the junk food option.

Does this mean we never eat junk food? 


But it does mean the majority of our food should be coming from whole foods that are low in calories and high in nutrient density and food volume!