Finding yourself hungry between meals?

Not fully satisfied after eating your meals?

Here are 5  tips on how to stay fuller longer, and make the most out of your daily meals.

Tip #1:

 Drinking water throughout the day can definitely help curve the hunger feeling between meals. A lot of times, we might not even be hungry.

It can just be our body telling us that we need to consume more water or we might even just be bored.

Tip #2:

Have a glass of water before every meal. Drinking a glass of water can help you feel more full and can help prevent overeating. Let’s get real, if we have a 5 course meal in front of us, we aren’t going to stop eating unless we actually feel super full. So a glass of water can definitely prevent overeating.

Tip #3:

Have lots of veggies in every meal. Most if not all veggies are super low in calories and carbs and have high volume. So veggies are a good way to fill you up and keep you full longer between meals. They also can take some time to chew, which will lead to our next tip.

Tip #4:

Spend time actually chewing and tasting your food instead of just inhaling and eating as fast as you can. People who chew their food slower have better digestion and can feel fuller faster & longer. It is recommended to chew your food about 32 times before swallowing. Not only for the fuller benefits but chewing more breaks down your food into smaller pieces and helps with digestion. 

Tip #5:

When you eat your meal, be sure to sit down and relax. You will be able to digest your food better when your body is at rest and not on the move, which will make us fuller longer. Eating while on the move and rushing is called “mindless” eating. That can cause us to have no thought or respect on what we are putting into our body which can result in consuming more than our body requires. When we are sitting and eating our body knows when to stop and when we’re actually full. It’s so important to know that how we eat affects our body.

Again, you’re not yourself when you’re hungry! So let’s take advantage of these tips and be mindful of our bodies.